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Training and digital content

Since having a strategic mindset to procurement increases the value a business derives, Telso offers a suite of short courses and qualification training to close the knowledge gap for staff. We also create and license webinar and recorded content for internal learning hubs.

We encourage non procurement staff such and finance, operations, facilities management and IT staff as well as procurement staff to build capacity in procurement and to remove barriers to stakeholder engagement.

Our training combines learning with the application of learning to staff roles and responsibilities and can be delivered in house, virtually or self paced.

Soft skills

Here are some examples of the courses we offer

Additional courses can be delivered upon request

Procurement courses

Here are some examples of the courses we offer

Additional courses can be delivered upon request

Procurement outsourcing

Indirect Procurement

Your priority is optimising your direct procurement, whereas indirect procurement usually is not top-of-mind and dilutes working capital.

Operational procurement creates new creditors every day and creates difficulty in knowing which products are bought from which supplier. Random indirect procurement leads to minimal control, minimal insight and minimal contract management. You rarely get the best cost/quality ratio and internal costs of tail spend are high.

Telso one stop solution

Source to pay

Based on your specifications and frequency of demand, Telso consults the market after which we select a supplier based on the best commercial conditions.


In an increasingly competitive commercial environment, the ability to attract and recruit the best procurement and supply chain talent can significantly impact your bottom line. 

We deliver the best solutions

  • Allows your organisation to focus on its core business, whilst Telso uses their expertise to leverage competition and deliver on your requirement.
  • Reduces procurement costs for your organisation.
  • Brings down the risk of stock outs or surplus inventory.
  • Eliminates the need and cost of urgent procurements.