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Building a more connected and sustainable world

Welcome to Telso

At Telso, we are dedicated to transforming the way the world trades physical commodities. With a legacy rooted in trust and innovation, we facilitate the seamless exchange of essential resources, driving economic growth and sustainability across the globe.

Who We Are

Telso is a premier physical commodities trading company, specialising in the marketing, procurement, distribution, risk management and trading of vital resources such as metals, minerals, agricultural products, and energy commodities. Our commitment to excellence and deep industry expertise ensures that our partners and clients receive unparalleled service and value.

At Telso, we’re not just trading commodities; we’re building a more connected and sustainable world.

Trusted by
Micro, Small and Medium sized
businesses across all sectors.

Supplier Diversity Programme

Our supplier diversity training programme aims to empower your business with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in supplier diversity. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to help you foster inclusivity, drive innovation, and create meaningful connections with diverse suppliers.

Global network of trusted partners

Whilst we offer best in class procurement qualifications and supply management learning and consulting services, we recognise the need to work with best-in-class stakeholders in related fields to enhance the value we can deliver to our clients.

So, whether its on the environment, social, technology or OEM’s Telso is able to provide a comprehensive experience that set it apart from other participants in this space.

Who we work with