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CIPS courses

CIPS Courses & Qualifications
The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) is a globally recognised professional body for procurement and Supply. Telso offers CIPS Courses & Qualification and is an accredited study centre. 

Their mission is to be the authority that leads global excellence in procurement and supply. Also, to enhance an individual’s and organisation’s professional capability and by doing so, protect the public from poor procurement and supply processes.

Global community

CIPS is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to the procurement profession, with a global community of over 70,000 members..

Recognised qualifications

The CIPS Courses and Qualifications allow individuals to not only certify their knowledge but also develop their skills and build capacity.

Goals achieved

Telso supports learners, achieve their CIPS qualification goals and ultimately allow them to attain the coveted MCIPS post nominals after their name.

We deliver learning in

Regardless of your preferred delivery option, learners can be assured that CISP courses / sessions will not only focus on CIPS syllabus but will also seek to provide real life context to the syllabus, which allows learners to engage in discussions on contemporary issues facing procurement and supply and improve their understanding.

* All options will provide learners with past exam questions, essay writing technique, course materials, text books and slides. Learners will also have scheduled access to their tutor outside classes, included marked assignments with feedback.

Networking events

Due to the nature of virtual sessions, Telso has recognised the desire for learners to meet, socialise and network with each other outside the classroom and so will plan biannual or quarterly events (subject to demand) to provide such an opportunity.

Course fees

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