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CIPS Qualification – Level 4

Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply

A valuable management tool for those moving into a junior and middle management procurement role or for those supervising the procurement function.  This qualification focuses on organisational procedures and processes including negotiation, planning, risk management and data analysis.

Unit Overview

On completion of each individual unit, you will be able to:

L4M1: Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply

Identify the key stakeholders in the application of the sourcing process and analyse the procurement cycle evaluating the influence that procurement and supply has as a source added value for the organisation. 

L4M2: Defining Business Need

Devise a business case for requirements to be externally sourced and will understand the role of market management and competitive forces as they specify goods and services in procurement and supply.

L4M3: Commercial Contracting

Describe the key elements and legal aspects of formal commercial contracts and analyse and interpret the fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators that are included in contractual arrangements made with suppliers.

L4M4: Ethical and Responsible Sourcing.

Explain the options and associated processes available for sourcing with external suppliers.  You will also examine the legal and ethical impact and the implications of corporate and social responsibility, on the final sourcing decision. 

L4M5: Commercial Negotiation

Identify approaches to successfully achieving negotiated commercial agreements with external organisations.

L4M6: Supplier Relationships

Analyse the dynamics of supplier relationships, examine the processes and procedures for working with stakeholder’s and appreciate the concept of partnering.

L4M7: Whole Life Asset Management

Explain methods of inventory storage and control and analyse the concept of whole life cost from concept through to disposal.

L4M8: Procurement and Supply in Practice

Demonstrate the practical application of the key elements of the procurement cycle in an integrated manner, within a workplace context.

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